FP Rottweiler & Studs Services 

FP Rottweiler & Studs Services 


Berin Summer slim down. BYE BYE WEIGHT

As our past rottweiler owners know...

We slim all of our rottweilers down so they can enjoy the summer running and playing, NO OVERHEATING!!!

PLEASE!!!!! understand that the summer Male rottweiler will look much smaller, as we reduce weight by 20 - 30 pounds. No fear.... the weight will come back towards the cooler months. We will leave his full weight pictures up and label his current /summer weight pictures.

Berin is a big litter producer and have done so with every breeding. His weight does not effect his puppies weight. We just like our rottweilers to be able to tolerate being outside to run, play or workout without issues due to weight related heat stress.